Fine Dining

This week I had a taste of the finer things.

The Challenge.

Have dinner in a place with a dress code and a hefty price tag.

Why This Challenge?

The purpose of this challenge stems from my cooking. I am in no way a great cook, being mediocre at best. Additionally, I do not come from a family of wealth, so the restaurants I have been to previously were middle class. Delicious of course, but not anything amazing. I wanted a taste of the ‘good life’. Plus, treating my girlfriend always makes me happy.

The challenge part of this comes from my lack of money and need to save for such an occasion.


The lack of knowledge about high-class restaurants in my area was a simple fix: Facebook. The top recommendation that was both not seafood (Natalie isn’t a fan) and not too expensive, was a Wine Bar and grill named Moo Moos. My lady and I got dressed up, went on in for our 8:15 reservation and were pleasantly surprised.

I was definitely out of my element and trying to go with the flow but Natalie seemed at ease in the environment.

You know your restaurant is fancy when they offer you 4 different types of WATER. A waiter comes and gives us the spiel about the menu, the specials, and his recommendations. I cut him off before he finishes because I feel bad: I’m on a budget and I know what I want. A single Dr. Quinn cocktail for the both of us, and two steaks.

He asks about sides and I think he is talking about separate dishes. Everyone there can see we, or at the very least I, am not meant to be there. The drink comes and the courier laughs at our game of Chinese chopsticks. The food arrives with complementary sauces (thank you Moo Moos) and Natalie and I both agree that they are the best steaks of our lives. If you are okay spending $50-$100 on your meal and live in Brisbane, I would definitely recommend Moo Moos Bar and Grill.


Hungry Jack’s Sundae for Dessert



Lasting Impact and Lessons.

Dining in such a place has sort of kick started my desire for riches. It has also shown me the benefit of spending money on experiences rather than objects. I may have only been able to have that meal once, but it was fun and had a substantial effect on my mood. I would love to do such a thing more often.