June 26: Gratification Abound.

The Task

List 30 things I am grateful for.

Why This Challenge?

There was a study undertaken which compared the effectiveness of different activities on participant’s happiness. I cannot link this study, unfortunately, as I have not read it directly, but rather second-hand accounts of it. What the study found was that a gratification journal, which consisted of writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day, was one of the most effective boosters of overall happiness. It is said to be the case due to its uncanny ability to focus your attention on the positive, and not the negative. During the day, the participants started to look for things they had gratification for, thus focusing on those instead of more negative events.


I typed up an empty list numbering from 1 to 30, sat down and filled it in. I made sure to actually feel gratification toward each one, else the exercise is useless.


  1. The food on my plate, and the easy access I have to such food.
  2. Unlimited access to drinkable water.
  3. A safe roof over my head. Without it, I would be left to nature’s elements and may not even survive.
  4. Cheap access to public transport. For just $5 I can travel 14km in under an hour. If I had to walk it would take me two and a half hours.
  5. MY AMAZING GIRLFRIEND, for putting up with my flaws and my jealousy and just being perfect for me.
  6. Electricity. With it comes the ability to accomplish so many amazing things that tribesmen of old would think me a god.
  7. The Internet: despite its ability to stop me from accomplishing things, I know so much information it is incredible.
  8. The fact that nuclear war hasn’t accidentally been started. It has almost happened 3 times. (Probably more!)
  9. The fact that nuclear war hasn’t purposefully been started. I have reasonable faith in my personal ability, but I do not think I am resilient enough to withstand that.
  10. The diversity of food that is within my reach. I can get Asian, American and African produce all from the same Australian grocery store.
  11. Alarms and clocks, for starting my day and keeping track of it.
  12. Shoes. I wouldn’t know the first thing about making them, and they are extremely useful.
  13. Washing machines. It really wasn’t too long ago that people had to spend hours doing it by hand.
  14. Hot water. I can turn a knob and get it. Could you imagine a world where you had to have cold showers ALL of the time?
  15. Stoves. I do not have to labour over attaining wood and then lighting said wood.
  16. The collaboration of society that allows humans to specialise in fields.
  17. The performance industry, providing thought-provoking entertainment, expressing emotion that words cannot and spreading happiness.
  18. Advances in medicine, allowing us to live longer times.
  19. Books, preserving knowledge and creating entire universes through imagination.
  20. Music, in all of its glory and variety.
  21. Clothes, for warmth and protection from elements
  22. Photos, capturing infinitely minuscule moments of time as constant reminders of memories.
  23. Air conditioning, allowing us to bypass discomfort.
  24. Emergency services, keeping society safe.
  25. Laws, however unjust at times, they still improve life considerably.
  26. Refrigeration, preserving food.
  27. Food processing, for making food standardised and safe.
  28. Farmers of all types, whom often do not get recognised but whose work is shown on everyone’s plate each day.
  29. The love I have in my life
  30. Out of an infinitely small chance life was created on this rock and so I am able to sit and write this list.

What I’ve Learned.

I take a tonne of things for granted, each and every day, which sitting down and appreciating was very nice to do. For the next couple of days, I shall be aware of them and cherish them more so.