June 22: Hospital Corners

The Task.

The task was extremely simple in essence, being an activity that plenty of people do on a daily basis, although something I never, ever do. The task was: brush my teeth. I am joking, I do that twice a day, the task was to make my bed.

Not simply make my bed, but make it super well, with hospital corners.

Why this challenge?

Order is nice to have in your life. A cluttered room puts my mind in a cluttered state, and I get nothing done. The best way to get order in my room? Well, neaten the most front-and-centre thing: my bed.


Woke up, made my bed. Hospital corners were easier to do than I had thought they’d be, however, I forgot to take a picture and so did it again the next day to do so.


What I’ve Learned.

Making your bed is considerably less painful when you aren’t being told to do so from your parent. That is so with many things in my life however. I have despised something as a child, such as cooking or even cleaning, only to have later found within myself a legitimate interest in it, at my own pace.

An additional note is that when I make my bed, the successes and failures of the day are independent. I could have everything go wrong during the day, and still come home to that one little win. It is a success that I can ground myself in, preventing myself from losing hope in myself and no longer trying, which does happen from time to time.

It is interesting that one little activity can have such wide-reaching ripples, even if they are subtle.