June 30: A Month Well Lived

The Task.

Look back on my month of challenges and give myself some critiques, notes and thoughts.

Why This Challenge?

Well, what is the point of doing something to improve yourself if you don’t actually look at what you have done and the lessons you have learned? It is hoped that doing this will not only uncover additional lessons that encompass the entire month but solidify all of the teachings I have come across.


Writing this post, and skimming back through all of my old ones.

What I have Learned.

During June I had 30 challenges and missed five of them. These five are reading the Quran, going camping, learning a song on the guitar, speaking to a stranger and investing in the stock market. Only one of these challenges – investing in the stock market – was due to not being able to, on account of the minimum stock purchase being $500. The others? Well, the two days that encompassed reading the Quran and going camping I had a patch of depression and laziness, which spilt over to the other challenges I missed.

This is a problem that has followed me constantly. I will have a week or two of good productiveness whereupon I shall accomplish many things. Immediately following these days of kickassery, I fall into a hole of sadness, void of all motivation and run instead by the twins named “what the hell is the point?” and “I don’t care anymore”. Occasionally this will last one or two days, but more often than not it will last a week or so. Fortunately, as I grow older and more capable, coupled with the wisdom of not going so full steam ahead, (but rather a constant, steady pace) these potholes have been getting rarer and smaller.

Recapping What I Have Learned From Each Challenge This Month:

  1. Start a blog. Starting a blog was actually a really great idea. I enjoy writing it and it kept me on track a lot more than I would have been without said blog. I do indeed wish to continue this.
  2. Giving a busker $20 showed me the infectious nature of happiness and the joy of giving.
  3. Banning YouTube kind of didn’t work and I need to do so again.
  4. Going for a walk was pleasant.
  5. Curtains have improved my sleep considerably. I am glad to have them.
  6. It was nice to appreciate someone.
  7. I really enjoy having a photo wall. It is pleasant to look at and meaningful.
  8. Catching up with relatives is considerably more enjoyable when it is of your own volition.
  9. Baking can be hard. Don’t worry too much about your failures.
  10. Sewing is easy. Don’t worry too much about rips.
  11. The 2-hour meditation session was one of the most difficult challenges in the entire month. Would highly recommend it. I learnt that I need to start meditating again.
  12. Decluttering my room organised it a bit better, and I need to do it again.
  13. Taking the time to learn a poem by heart forces you to delve considerably deeper into the meaning, both personal and overarching, of each individual word and phrase.
  14. A 24 hour fast was much easier than I thought and made me feel great.
  15. The Wim Hof method was definitely useful, however, the way of actually doing it is so over the top and time consuming that it is not practical for everyday use. I discovered the potential of my body with this challenge.
  16. Laying on the sidewalk showed me that no one gives a crap. They are way more focused on themselves than they ever will be about you.
  17. Going for a bike ride was pleasant and showed me the importance of equipment upkeep.
  18. The life image somewhat helped, but not knowing what I want in life was a major hindrance, as you would expect.
  19. I did not do this challenge.
  20. I did not do this challenge.
  21. No tech for 24 hours was great fun, and actually very relaxing.
  22. Making my bed was great to come home to and I shall try to make it a habit.
  23. Not only was dancing great exercise, but it was a great release.
  24. The dream house exercise was kind of pointless.
  25. I did not do this challenge.
  26. The grateful listing thing was very nice to do, and I have definitely noticed a change in my perception of things.
  27. Skydiving truly was amazing, I must do it again without the illness so I can actually enjoy it.
  28. I did not do this challenge.
  29. I did not do this challenge.
  30. I am currently doing this challenge.

All in all, I have accomplished a lot this month. I  have also learnt a lot this month. It was a change of pace to do something every day, which made me glad I did this.

Moving Forward.

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. That being said, a challenge a day is quite a lot to put into action, hence missing 5. So as I continue this blog – yes I will be continuing – some changes need to be made.

Posts shall decrease to either a weekly or twice-weekly basis. This means that there is no excuse for me to delay a whole week’s worth of posts like the past. This change will be complimented with a decrease in challenges. I have thought things through and my decision has landed on a challenge a week, coupled with month-long challenges. I think that this is much more doable with day-to-day life.