June 27: 14,000 Feet Up

The task.

Leap from a hunk of metal that is filled with explosive liquid, while strapped to another person. How do you survive? A big sheet and some rope. I am not talking about a MacGyver episode, I am talking about skydiving.

Why this Challenge?

We all know someone that has skydived and, at least in my case, every single one of them describes the experience as ‘once in a lifetime’ (which, by merit of being able to do it twice, is a false statement, but whatever). But anyway, I figured I had better do it.


I would like to start by saying that I was not well this day. On a scale of one to ten, ten being optimal wellness, I was around about a negative five. I am not joking. My skin was ghostly white, I felt incredibly sick and I vomited both during the skydive and afterwards in the car home. Why did I not postpone? Well, I had already paid for my ticket.

Prior to the day, some work colleagues found out about the challenge, which they decided they wanted to do also. Matt, Ben, Alex and I booked the event online, at Redcliffe. We got there, I paid for the video package ($160! Highway robbery!) and we got into the harness and jumpsuits. A ten-minute bus ride, and into the plane we went. Another ten-minute plane ride to 14,000ft and the roller door opened.

At this moment, I stopped worrying about my sickness and my fear of heights kicked in for the first time. There was nothing I could do, however, so I resigned myself and did what I was told. Legs over the edge. Hands on the chest. Deep breathe. Out the plane, instructor strapped to my back.

The gut-drop lasted no time at all. The cold wind lasted the entire time. I was chilled to the bone and flying through the air. Freefall. Freefall. Freefall.

The chute opened. The chill was a little less, the speed a lot less. Aaaaaaannnd, I was going to be sick. Thank god my instructor had a bag because it would not have been pretty otherwise. I got to enjoy the scenery for a total of 3 seconds the entire time before I had my legs up and we landed.


What I’ve Learned.

Try to be in your best condition for big events in your life. I will not say why, but I could have definitely prevented my sickness, which would have allowed me to enjoy the skydiving a million times more. I will definitely be going again.